Bratislava Urban Renewal · Downtown & Danube Waterfront

Design team: Dr Cristian Suau & Pavel Savol
Client: Bratislava City Hall
Publication: online and local media
Award: runner-up
Type: urban design and lanscaping
Year: 1998
Budget: EUR 7800000
Building systems: reinforced concrete building system, metal frame
Landscape: granite/limestone pavement
Place: Bratislava city centre

This urban project offers a double transformation. On one hand, it activates the run-down and fragmented public spaces by the main bridge and waterway zone and in another hand it improves the inner fabric through a strategy of pedestrianisation of the old alleyway and medieval street. The private vehicles are stored underneath the grade level in compacts car park boxes. According to the jury the merit of this proposal lies in the ability to 'clean' and simplify the current traffic network with a homogeneous paving layer.

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square-car park complex transversal section

key urban images  

general layout  inner city

general layout waterfront-bridge zone