Cultural Centre - Maipo Valley
Santiago, Chile

Design team: Cristian Suau, Helmuth Harbst & Horacio Maldonado
Client: Fundacion Chile - CORFO
Year: 1993 (student design competition)
Award: first prize
Prize: USD5000
Publication: Fundacion Chile maganize, Revista Vivienda (EMOL), national media
Materials: plywood panels, timber frames, standard insulation, double glazing, timber louvres, PV-panels
Place: San Alfonso, Maipo Valley, Santiago

The Maipo Cultural Centre was conceived as a expandable, flexible and modular system consisting of a timber module of 3.60m x 3.60m, which was adaptable to the abrupt topography of the riverside. This project incorporates a PV roof layering facing the Equator. spatially it was a contextual and mimetic response to the existing morphology of the site and the best way to inhabit it was to flatten a serial of terraces with 100% visual connection and accessibility. This polyvalent space houses a sport arena, communal facilities, cafeteria, administration and several sun-spaces or greenhouses which passively provides heat in wintertime. This was the first eco-design competition in Chile (2003) pioneering the environmental research in the region.

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maipo valley  

san alfonso, maipo river  

site, san alfonso, maipo river  

key model  

transversal section  

building detail