Europan 9 Almere

Design team: Dr Cristian Suau & Hannes Gutberlet
Client: Almere Stad & Europan 9
Publication: NAI exhibition, Rotterdam
Type: urban design, masterplanning
Year: 2007
Budget: -
Building system: reinforce slab concrete, metal frame, glazing cladding, timber decking, sun-spaces
Landscape: green roof, greenery, forestation
Place: Almere waterfront

The main goal of the project is interweaving the two very distinctive landscapes: the coastline and the ‘woodscape’. The idea is to make this landscape accessible to all. n turn, the accompanying housing profits greatly from the specific landscape features and its fabric. SUPER TALUD is a “perforated green deck” which connects the existing forest and themain infrastructural system. The worm-shape dwelling performs as giant trunks. The slope rises to the seaside. It cantilevers on it and articulates its relationship to both sea and forest; windmills and low-rise suburbia. As a compact design strategy, the slope alters a minimal zone, leaving the existing forest untouched.

The green field is the main support. It links the forest and the seaside. Its spatial structure is modular, repeatable and flexible. The housing configuration consists of a module of 5,40m x 6,00m base grid allowing for a toolbox of different typologies vertically and horizontally. The dwelling volumes and heights vary according to climatic and visual parameters.

The housing skin is solar and landscape sensitive. The high-rise ones have an angled part at 50° for optimal solar gain. The cladding consists of a full timber shading devices and glazed surfaces. Solar energy-suppliers like PV systems provide electricity and heat. Thus the worm-building’s appearance varies according to the specific solar position.





transport network  

environmental strategy  

green talud: zero impact  

framing the views  

diagrids as structural frame  

implanting and outline  

urban principles  

schematic sections  

longitudinal section  

elevation & programmatic section  

master plan  


panoramic view  

ground plan  

first floor  

upper level  

housing configurations  

landscaping palettes  

maritime view  

view towards the towers  

montage 1  

montage 2  

model detail 1  

model detail 2  

model detail 3  

model detail 4  

modelling 1  

modelling 2