Södra Pavilion
Växjö, Sweden

Design team: Dr Cristian Suau & Nicolas Markuerkiaga
Client: Södra
Publication: Svenska Arkitekters Riksförbund SAR's journal, Swedish design media
Type: prefab wooden pavilion
Year: 2006
Award: pre-selected (no award)
Building systems: solid wood, timber cladding, timber decking & louvres, standard insolation, triple glazing
Landscape: green roof, stone paving
Place: Växjö, Sweden

This pavilion has taken into consideration sustainable industrial design by using smart techniques of timber building. The main target is to adapt the construction frameworks to the principles of adaptability and convertibility of modular spaces and, above all, using sustainable materials. The pavilion is designed to inspire visitors by experiencing the cutting edge trends of eco-manufacturing wood.

Conceptually the pavilion works as a cut-out diagram, a sort of puzzle! So, the pavilion is flatpacked in standard 12-meters shipping containers and then assembled entirely from pre-cut panels like IKEA furniture. All the numbered elements -panels, openings and furniture- are pre-cut by a computer controlled machine. There is not waste due to the leftovers are used for furniture and the cutting sawdust is recycled into woodfibre insulation or the like. In addition, each tree chopped for the manufacturing of the pavilion is replaced by three new trees, either fir, spruce or pine. Hence, the pavilion’s equation is DISMANTLEABLE + REPACKABLE + MOVABLE.

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layout - ground level södra pavilion

view from the lake södra pavilion

view from the lake södra pavilion

entrance - södra pavilion  

lobby - södra pavilion  

main exhibition room södra pavilion

wet buffer  södra pavilion