Horta Barcelona
Horta district, Barcelona, Spain

Designer: Dr Cristian Suau
Client: Horta district & Ateneu Cultural Centre
Publication: FAD Barcelona
Type: urban design, furniture design
Year: 2009
Budget: -
Building system: prefab slab concrete, metal sliding doors, lighting
Landscape: stone paving and irrigation system
Place: Cultural Centre Hortense Ateneu, Horta district, Barcelona

This project proposes a folded square that allows day and night use of the Ateneu Cultural Centre.
The proposal offers 4 specific actions:
1. Paving new carrer Pere Pau. Priority is given to the resident and pedestrian. The existing parking is reorganized.
2. Side access to the Ateneu Cultural Centre through a square. It enhances the corner terrace and public outreach as the Centre.
3. Landscaping: Enhance the generous tree canopy
4. Front side: The exposed wall remains intact. Only two fenestrations are added. The ground surface of the plazoleta is folded up to create a open-air cinema with a screen activating the nocturnal life of the neighbourhood.

See this project online
See this project online


site model  

site survey  

overall layout  

section/elevation open-air cinema  

long section plazoleta  

view of plazoleta ateneu cultural centre