Memorial in Santiago de Chile
Santiago, Chile

Design team: Dr Cristian Suau, Rodrigo Fuentealba & Alberto Teixido
Client: MOP Chile
Publication: Chilean design media
Type: landscaping, public space
Year: 2002
Award: short listed
Building system: brickwork, gabions blocks, timber decking, metal mesh and granite slabs
Landscape: 77 lemon trees, natural sewage, water and soil treatment, grass
Place: Santiago, Chile

This public space is a 'loci of remembrance' which gives a tribute to 77 victims of the 1973's military coup in Chile. It is a place evokes a trench, a territory that represent the resistance and flight of democrats that defend the values of a democratic society.
So the place consists of a folded surface with a flatten band of trees and a sunken garden to allow visitors experiencing earth, water and sky. It is a place that commemorate the soul of martyrs of democracy. In doing so, we established 77 lemon trees plus the allocation of 3 towers (so-called 'sentinels') that house a flowershop, souvenirs shop, and a grocery shop. Each tower is wrapped with climbing plants to allow passive cooling. The promenade of the trench ends up in a pond which mirrors the sky.

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lemon tree and green follie  

the sentinel - green tower  

masterplan model  

view of the trench  

master plan of memorial  

landscape details  

views - physical model  


view of the main entrance  

model detail  

overall design