Roses Square, Barcelona
Ciutat Vella, Barcelona, Spain

Designer: Dr Cristian Suau & Monika Levan
Client: Ciutat Vella district
Publication: FAD Barcelona
Type: urban design, furniture design
Year: 2003
Budget: -
Building system: metal panel, translucent acrylic surfaces, inprints, lighting
Landscape: stone paving and trees
Place: Roses street, Ciutat Vella, Barcelona, Spain

This project proposes a narrow pedestrian square that allows day and night use of this space.
The proposal offers 4 specific actions:
1. Paving streetscape: Priority is given to the resident and pedestrian. The existing lot is reorganized.
2. Planting trees in square. It enhances all the rear façades of the neighbourhood .
3. Translucent billboards: It has an imprint of roses which change their colours electronically.
4. Front walls: The exposed residential walls remains intact. Only few fenestrations are added. The ground surface of the plazoleta is flatten to create a screen in motion which activates the nocturnal life of the neighbourhood.

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See this project online
See this project online