Shrinking Cities - Detroit
Detroit, USA

Designer: Dr Cristian Suau
Competition: Shrinking Cities
Publication: US design media & Shrinking Cities (
Type: landscaping, urban activation
Year: 2003
Building system: brickwork, gabions blocks, timber decking, metal canopy and granite slabs
Landscape: trees, natural sewage, water and soil treatment, greenery & grass
Place: Detroit, USA

This project examines various aspects of Detroit in comparison with a series of cities worldwide where, for example the amount of vacant lots, the green factor and its potential were analyzed according to the attractiveness and public activation. The results of this study was then compared to a multitude of additional factors. Key details are thus revealed, for instance, the percentage of depopulation in Detroit is found to be inversely proportional to an increase in the number of music-labels!

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 green strategy in vacant lots     
 greenfield in the core     
 greenfield in the core     
 aerial view of green-troit