Walkscape - Supreme Court in Brussels
Brussels, Belgium

Project leaders: Dr Cristian Suau & Joris de Baes
Collaborative team: Dr Cristian Suau & Joris de Baes, Carole Margerand, Klaas Moerman & Bart Verstappen
Client: Brussels City Hall
Publication: Belgian design media
Type: urban renewal, new public space
Year: 2010
Entry: international design competition
Award: shortlisted
Landscape: grass field, volcanic & stone paving, bio-textures
Place: Brussels centre, Belgium

Urban renewal of the outdoor space of the Supreme Court by constructing a triangular slope, which connects the high and down town of Brussels centre. This complex allocated mainly an underground car park and filing store and offer a new public platform for people’s manifestations.

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supreme court: inner spaces  

general layout: triangular square

the triangular square: connecting up & down

view of the folded square and the overground tram system

the court square facing downtown  

the walkscape: new accessibility  

night exhibition - supreme court  

night exhibition - supreme court  

our urban proposal display at the night exhibition (supreme court)